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There is no doubt that a brighter future awaits those who have a deep look at the issues ahead, focusing on their scientific and inclusive abilities.

The designers of the Pyhaj design consultants have found the honor that the combination of individuals with academic excellence

Moreover, people with more than 30 years of experience in various national and national projects have accumulated knowledge and experience in various projects, especially in the field of geotechnics and retrofitting.

Geotechnical field and related studies and tests are the basis of designing any type of structures. In the case of weaknesses in geotechnical studies, structures will have serious problems in the long run.

The importance of geotechnical science and soil engineering has been remarkable in recent years in the country and it is hoped that with the arrival of individuals and companies specializing in various projects, in particular, excavation and design of earth structures, the quality of studies and projects is growing.

Despite the two-year-old age of his establishment, taking advantage of 30 years of senior management experience in his board of directors and using the active youth's knowledge, the consultant sought to obtain advice from the management and planning organization in order to play a small role in achieving the goals of construction Country.


Board members


Ahad Shakiba
Mohammad Reza Shakiba
Hamid Reza Ghanbari


Ahad Shakiba

Civil engineer

Master of Science in Soil and Pew Engineering