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Gopel Company


Guplet Co. in 1989, according to the founders and managers of the company, urged the organization of dedicated and expert forces to participate in the country's economic and social programs and the optimal use of the capabilities of young professionals lacking the tools and capabilities of experienced professionals according to A vacuum was created in this regard and set the basic goals for its activities in order to participate actively in the implementation of industrial and development projects, to accompany and cooperate with the executives and officials of the country, the use of young specialist forces and training and promotion, The dynamic role in creating permanent employment and continuous entrepreneurship and the use of knowledge and technology Vzhy day, be defined.
During its 24-year activity, Guplet has completed construction works and facilities for residential, office, educational, medical, hospital and sports projects, as well as water and sewage projects, and the implementation of facilities and facilities in various fields. Since its inception, more than 40 major national projects have been completed and implemented by the state. These include the 50,000-strong Ahwaz stadium, the 400-bed hospital in Tabriz, the central building of the Ministry of Science, the 284 beds in Bushehr, the construction of 377 residential units in Shiraz, and water projects in Douganbādan, Qom, Lamerd, Likud And so on.
The result of the above-mentioned efforts is to obtain the first rank in the fields of buildings, facilities and water and rank 3 in the field of transportation and transportation from the management and planning organization, receiving the honorable honor from the President of the Republic in 2008 as the superior contractor for housing and urban planning, obtaining Appreciation from the Minister of Energy in 2010, receiving the honorary remarks from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in 1387 and 1390, and creating an integrated, experienced and efficient organization, appropriate machinery and equipment, and integrated management in order to expand the company's activities.