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Hospital Baqiyatallah al-Azam


Before the Islamic Revolution, a group called Bazouei was formed with the management of Akbar Bahadori. The mission of the group was to set up hospital centers in the country and set up the first hospital in Arak, and it was decided that another hospital in Tehran would be revenues from it, and another general hospital in Vanak Square in Tehran would be built. They also received special currency loans. The intended area for this hospital was about 30,000 square meters, and a 2500-bed hospital was planned to be built in the first four hospitals of the world and unique in the Middle East. Construction began in 1352, and by 1978 more than 80% of the construction work was carried out with East and West Dyal. Considering the sensitivities of the revolutionary period, as well as the dependence of the director-general and medical staff on the agents of the court and escape from Iran, the hospital was owned by the Mostazafan Foundation.
Since the onset of the imposed war and the difficulties in providing medical care to the wounded in the war and the lack of the establishment of the hospital until that time, the IRGC secretary-general in a letter to Imam Khomeini requested the transfer of the hospital to the Guards, and Imam Khomeini Raha also confirmed this in an order.
From the end of 1362, the hospital began with the launch of an emergency room, operating room and one or two parts and was one of the major responsibilities of the war time, which was the reception of a huge number of injured chemical workers. Subsequently, and given that the Revolutionary Guards had an important role in the imposed war, the hospital gradually completed and sections were set up one after the other.